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All Oscar's Badges

Oscar has earned 21 badges!
  • Solutionist
    Earned by 1,092
    Good job! A reply you've given has been marked as a solution.
  • Giver
    Earned by 7,998
    You gave your first kudo to another community member. Keep the love flowing.
  • Thumbs up
    Thumbs up
    Earned by 8,106
    Good job! You have received your first kudo for content that was helpful. Keep up the good work.
  • 'Hoo Dini
    'Hoo Dini
    Earned by 16
    You have changed your profile avatar. Thanks for exploring the community!
  • Leader of the Pack
    Leader of the Pack
    Earned by 420
    Way to go! You have started 5 topics. You have real leadership skills.
  • Master Responder
    Master Responder
    Earned by 621
    You have posted 10 replies in the community. Responsiveness is an admirable quality.
  • Captain of Conversation
    Captain of Conversation
    Earned by 188
    Thanks for contributing a combined 25 topics and replies. You are the wind beneath our wings.
  • Quest for Knowledge
    Quest for Knowledge
    Earned by 25,432
    You've read 35 messages in the community. That's good knowledge.
  • Community Leader
    Community Leader
    Earned by 44
    You have a combined 100 topics and replies. Whoa. You rule.
  • Master of Contribution
    Master of Contribution
    Earned by 6
    You have single-handedly started 50 topics. You are a master conversationalist.
  • Fist Bump
    Fist Bump
    Earned by 40
    You have received 50 kudos from other members. Well done, that's some respect.
  • High Five
    High Five
    Earned by 9
    Nicely done! You have received 150 kudos. Bring it up.
  • Super Smarts
    Super Smarts
    Earned by 43
    5 of your replies have been marked as solutions! Your skill set is superhuman.
  • Pillar of the Community
    Pillar of the Community
    Earned by 2
    500 of your replies have been marked as solutions. The community would crumble without you.
  • Fan Favorite
    Fan Favorite
    Earned by 2
    You have given 500 kudos. Feel the love.
  • Popular
    Earned by 188
    Nice job! You have given 15 kudos. You are a community star.
  • Standing Ovation
    Standing Ovation
    Earned by 2
    Thanks for being so involved in the community! You have given 800 kudos. Take a bow.
  • Bachelor of Answers
    Bachelor of Answers
    Earned by 28
    10 of your replies have been marked as solutions. That's graduate-level smarts.
  • Bachelor of Solutions
    Bachelor of Solutions
    Earned by 22
    20 of your replies have been marked as solutions. You deserve extra credit.
  • Team Builder
    Team Builder
    Earned by 882
    Thanks for giving 5 kudos to other community members. Teamwork makes the dream work.
  • Top of the Class
    Top of the Class
    Earned by 17
    Great job! 35 of your replies have been marked as solutions. Gold star for you.