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Yahoo - UK Historical Stock Prices Incorrect

New 'Hoo

Yahoo - UK Historical Stock Prices Incorrect

Hi, I am downloading data for the following 6 funds - LWI.L, PLI.L, MRCH.L MYI.L, TMPL.L and CTY.L. All of the historical price data for these funds is incorrect. The only correct price is today. For example the 52 week low/high for PLI.L is shown as 373.4 - 384.01 yet you show the the price on Jan 9th 2018 is 4.21 and in fact going back the whole year most of the prices are over 4. Am I missing something or is this data just wrong? Thanks. Ed

Administratin' 'Hoo

Re: Yahoo - UK Historical Stock Prices Incorrect

Thank you for the report @ea9999  I checked out the tickers you mentioned and the data is in error.  I have reported this to our engineering team for investigation and correction. 

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Finance All-star

Re: Yahoo - UK Historical Stock Prices Incorrect

Both and Google Finance have historical prices available for all of these UK securities. YF had historical data up until 10-Jan-2018 although it was incorrectly converting GBp to GBP and the volume was spotty also.


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