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Recent 52 Week Low

'Hoo Recruit

Recent 52 Week Low

Hi my name is Eric, and I use Yahoo Finance all the time. However, here recently my phone app took away the "Recent 52 Week Low" option. With that being said I was wondering if someone could help me find this? A variety of stock categories are found in the explore option on the Yahoo Finance app. Thanks

Administratin' 'Hoo

Re: Recent 52 Week Low

Hi Eric - Thank you for choosing to use Yahoo Finance!  If you enter a ticker in the search field and pull up the quote you will see the price and a chart below.  If you scroll down you should see the '52 week low' in the left column of data (it will be right under the Day's Low).  Let me know if you can't locate it and I'll try to get a screenshot for you.

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'Hoo Recruit

Re: Recent 52 Week Low

Thank you for the reply, but I don’t think I explained myself good enough in my question. I’m well aware of where to find the 52 wk high and low info in the summary page. What I was looking for was the page that had a list of all 52 wk low stocks trending. For example Yahoo finance has the “biggest gainers” and “biggest losers”..... I’m looking for the page with the most popular 52 wk lows of several stocks. Yahoo had this option on my Yahoo finance app at one time, but I can no longer find it.