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PLEASE READ: How to create a help post

Administratin' 'Hoo

PLEASE READ: How to create a help post

Hi all,


We strive to keep Yahoo Finance accurate and free of any issues, and while we appreciate all the reports, sometimes help/support posts here can be a bit too vague to follow through immediately. Whether it be data accuracy, portfolio issues, and/or general Finance page issues, please provide as much detail as possible when creating a new topic or replying to an existing post. I have provided some tips below.


  • Clearly summarize the issue in the topic title
    • This includes the type of issue (data inaccurate/missing, portfolio, stock screener, etc.)
    • If there is a ticker involved, please include it (if there are multiple tickers, you don't have to write them all out, the exchange may help though)
  • In the body of the topic, please include as many details as possible
    • Any related tickers, exchanges, etc.
    • Platforms used such as web browsers, apps, etc.
    • Source info and referencing differentiating data on another page or site (if applicable)
  • Steps to replicate
    • If there are a number of steps it takes to reach the issue, please include


With this information, we are able to limit the back-and-forth needed to report any issues to our engineers and product group. This is essentially helping us help you, and to quickly escalate any necessary information.



If you see a helpful post, give that member a Kudo!
If you see a response that answers your question, please Accept as Solution!
Check out the Known issues and updates boards for the latest details.