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My Portfolios percentages wrong again

Administratin' 'Hoo

Re: My Portfolios percentages wrong again

Hi All - we are aware of this issue which began on 11/30 and are working to correct it.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

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Re: My Portfolios percentages wrong again



Funny... I just left Google for Yahoo because they killed Portfolios in their Finance section...  

So I come to Yahoo using GOOGLE CHROME and the percentages don't work... switching to SAFARI fixes this...  guess I will 100% leave Google... Finance, email and now browser...


Wonder if it's a conspiracy!?!




Re: My Portfolios percentages wrong again

Use Safari or some other non-Google browser...

Contributin' 'Hoo

Re: My Portfolios percentages wrong again

I see it's fixed. Yahoo.


Well.... almost. If you go to My Portfolios, and I have multiple portfolios, the Day Gain % and Total Gain % are off by a factor of 100. You guys have never gotten this one correct, it's been broken since you switched to the new Portfolios. You need to DIVIDE those numbers by 100.


I almost hesitate to bring this to your attention, because I can guarantee your developers are going to break all the other percentages when trying to fix this. Every week it's one or the other that breaks. 


How about you actually explain it correctly to the devs and then actually test it before you release it? Simple, basic, software development.


Cmon guys, get this right. I'll even test it for you if you want!

Contributin' 'Hoo

Re: My Portfolios percentages wrong again

Hurray! You finally fixed My Portfolios percentages!!!