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Is Yahoo! Finance API broken?

'Hoo Recruit

Re: Is Yahoo! Finance API broken?

I tried using Google too, but they seem to block me (showing a captcha). Maybe I made too many requests? Does that happen to you too?

New 'Hoo

Re: Is Yahoo! Finance API broken?

Greetings --

Quandl has announced that they will be dropping support for Google and Yahoo quotes at the end of June 2017.  This is the message I received today.


Dear Howard,

This is a reminder that effective June 30, 2017, GOOG and YAHOO databases will be deleted from the Quandl site because of changes to the data sources. Consequently, you may want to consider Google’s and Yahoo’s APIs directly as a possible substitute. 

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Warm Regards,
Pegah Salbi
Director of Market Data | Quandl

Pro 'Hoo

Re: Is Yahoo! Finance API broken?

This is very distressing. 

I want to believe it is all termporary, as per the message displayed:

"Yahoo Will be right back... Thank you for your patience. Our engineers are working quickly to resolve the issue."


The best course of action should be:

(1) restoring the service,

(2) looking at options that are mutually acceptable.


If free is no longer possible, why not turn this into a business... there must be a way to bill us (e.g., on-demand billing at end-user rates) so that it works out for everyone.

This is a critical service for too many people.

Established 'Hoo

Re: Is Yahoo! Finance API broken?

For over six years I have been using http:/ for downloading historical data programmatically using an interpreter written in Java and it has been a very good experience. A week ago that broke, but changing http to https fixed everything quickly. Just a few days ago obviously that broke too.


If you took at the "Download" data link when you click on "Historical Data" the link looks something like this:


*Link Removed - See the community guidelines for more information.*


If you copy this link from the browser and change the symbol (MDY here) or the 'period1' and 'period2' fields for some other set of dates (see below), and the paste this in the browser it seems to work for a day or so.


The fields "period1" and "period2" are obviously the Calendar.getTimeInMillis()/1000,i.e., time in seconds since 1970, "interval" is "1d" for daily data, "1wk" for weekly data, and "1mo" for monthly data.


The field 'crumb' perhaps carries some information about the current session, and it apparently dies in a few hours. There may be also some cookie that the server may be looking for.


So there are three things that are needed to get the data:


1. What is "crumb"?

2. What cookie is the server looking for?

3. How to set up the headers in the request so that the server thinks that the request is coming from a browser? If you copy the link above and make the call from a java program rather than pasting in the browser it does not work, and so the browser must be sending some needed information as well.


If some enterprising prgrammer can figure this out it will be a great service to the community. Of course then Yahoo can change all this again, because it care so much for its users.

Established 'Hoo

Re: Is Yahoo! Finance API broken?

Since the link was removed automaticall from the previous comment, I am reposting it with forward slashes replaced by newline character. The lasy line has been broken up into two for th purpose of formatting.




MDY?period1=***Phone Number Removed - Learn more***&period2=***Phone Number Removed - Learn more***&interval=1d&events=history&crumb=j41YQEQSEat

New 'Hoo

Re: Is Yahoo! Finance API broken?

I'm receiving HTTP 509 error using my downloader.  I've tried other sources but the data is not accurate or inconsistent.  I have no idea, as to what, is possibly going through their mind with this problem.  Long term, if this situation is not rectified on their end, users will be fleeing to other websites including their mail service, which has been awful at best.....

'Hoo Recruit

Re: Is Yahoo! Finance API broken?

Found a potential solution through the gfinance urls...

You HAVE to swap 'yahoo' with 'google', of course...

...the formatting of the csv is different, but seems to work in the small tests I've done.

New 'Hoo

Re: Is Yahoo! Finance API broken?

There is no public yahoo Finance api, whatever people are trying to figure out or use is unsupported/private. So, just simple don't depend on it.

'Hoo Recruit

Re: Is Yahoo! Finance API broken?

For new readers, the Yahoo finance data API has been discontinued. Search for the post by NIXON to see confirmation.

As if we needed another reason to abandon Yahoo and never come back. 

New 'Hoo

Re: Is Yahoo! Finance API broken?

Actually Yahoo is not legally allowed to re-distribute those data in API so I don't think those are coming back.