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Incorrect Market Cap - MMLP

New 'Hoo

Incorrect Market Cap - MMLP

Dear Sir/Madam


Yahoo Finance is showing an incorrect market cap. Martin Midstream Partners has 38,446,612 shares outstanding. With a closing price of $15.10 as of 11/08/2017 as per your page (, the market cap should be $580.54 million, not $219.54 as your page suggests.


Thank you in advance for the correction.


Best Regards

Administratin' 'Hoo

Re: Incorrect Market Cap - MMLP

@christee_1112 - I have submitted this data error to our engineering team for correction.  Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

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Finance All-star

Re: Incorrect Market Cap - MMLP

The most recent 10-Q for MMLP on does show 38,446,612 shares outstanding. All other finance sites have already updated except for YF.


Best I can tell MMLP has had shares out of at least 35 million since 2015.


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