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How to sell stock in holdings

New 'Hoo

How to sell stock in holdings


How can I mark a position as sold in My Holdings tab?

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Administratin' 'Hoo

Re: How to sell stock in holdings

Hi - the only real option you have in this case would be to add a separate "Cash" position to your portfolio and note that the dollar amount is from the sale of that specific stock.  You could also create a separate portfolio titles 'Sold' and add the former position there.  However, that would impact the total for your combined lists.


  1. Sign in to Yahoo Finance.
  2. Select the list you want to edit.
  3. Click My Holdings.
  4. Click Add Symbol.
  5. Enter $$CASH (or a custom symbol) in the "Find a Quote" field, and press Enter.
    - The symbol is added to the list.
  6. Click Add lot.
  7. In the "Shares" field, enter the number of dollars.
  8. In the "Cost Basis" field, enter 1.
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New 'Hoo

Re: How to sell stock in holdings

well unfortunately the complete answer is YOU CAN'T- there are many published "workarounds" one could use to account for stock sales but in reality, Yahoo Finance is simply not offering a full portfolio management solution. all described workarounds  require manual operations and tracking that work for the occasional trader. if you have higher needs, look for a better suited tool.