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Critique of new finance portfolio format

Contributin' 'Hoo

Critique of new finance portfolio format

Here are some differences between the previous portfolio format, and the new one. 

As I currently have 25 stocks and expect to have more, these differences are amplified.


1~  The new portfolio, including faded colors and zebra effect, is not as easy to read;

2~  Sometimes rows don't line up with the symbols;

3~  Custom views are not saved, revert back to Summary, and have to be reselected;

4~  Adding stocks / holdings is quite cumbersome and funky, each stock taking 3 lines

with considerable repetition, compared to the previous concise format which only took 1 line;


5~  Left clicking a symbol no longer goes to the interactive chart;

Thus going to the interactive chart takes an additional click and page to get to;

6~  The $$Cash row shows nothing, so the totals are wrong.

7~  Total $ and % gain is shown way above the stocks, which requires excessive page

moving up and down to see, instead of immediately and conveniently at the bottom as it was;


8~  The columns had to be redone, no biggie, but some of the options are missing;

9~  For example, current PEG, an important fundamental, is no longer an option;

Estimated PEG, which would not be useful at all, is an option but doesn't show up;

10~  52 week range is now shown in an image, which is fine, but could be slightly smaller;


Feel free to add your comments, critiques, and any additional differences.



Established 'Hoo

Re: Critique of new finance portfolio format

The new portfolio is awful. Key information is not available and useless graphics are shown instead.

Contributin' 'Hoo

Re: Critique of new finance portfolio format

11~  There's too much space between rows.  The screen has to be moved up and down to be able to see all my stocks.  Visibility was previously much better, as I could see all my stocks easily, plus the totals, without moving the screen up and down.

Contributin' 'Hoo

Annualized Gain

12~  Annualized Gain is no longer shown.  This was one of the most important indicators that I used constantly every day, and I forgot to put it on the list.  Please show the annualized gain for each stock, as this is a very important indicator.

Established 'Hoo

Re: Critique of new finance portfolio format

PLEASE return the small 52-week charts next to each stock in the Watchlist view


I have many yahoo watchlists, all of varying degrees of importance, and I scroll through several of them regularly, some several times a day, (via both PC and mobile)   I rely very heavily on the small blue 52-week chart that used to appear to the right of each stock's details.   Without these charts appearing directly next to each stock's details as I scroll down my watchlists, I am lost, and sadly Yahoo Finance is of little use to me, which is a pity after being a much-appreciated and vital trading tool for several years.  Can you please bring the little 52-week charts back asap - I will be forever grateful!!

Pro 'Hoo

Re: Critique of new finance portfolio format

The portfolio reorder option fails miserably

Share holdings are displayed to 2 decimal places.  That is very deficient since many dividend reinvestments distribute shares up to 4 decimal places.

'Hoo Recruit

Re: Critique of new finance portfolio format

Anyone know if it's possible to access the old stock portfolio format.  The new one doesn't include the same input columns nor can one include cash for a portfolio total.  


Why would Yahoo have changed an excellent site, one that might have been the most popular?  I also note one cannot contact customer service.  Apparently, the goal is to discourage usage of Yahoo.


such a shame!

Pro 'Hoo

Re: Critique of new finance portfolio format

Cannot add Note column to custom portfolio page.  Provision is there but it does not work.

Notes on appears and works in "My Holding" page



Pro 'Hoo

Re: Critique of new finance portfolio format

Colum Headers do not remain stationery when scrolling down on "My Holdings" format.  They do on all of the other formats.  Interestingly, this, to me, was one of the significant changes to functionality.

Administratin' 'Hoo

Re: Critique of new finance portfolio format

Hi All - Thank you for your feedback on the new portfolios.  The Yahoo Finance Feedback Forum is the place where you can make product suggestions and provide feedback. We’re always trying to improve our products and use your feedback to inform changes.  Here’s the url:

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