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All posts in message boards being deleted

New 'Hoo

All posts in message boards being deleted

I just started on the finance message boards. All of my posts are being deleted. Who is managing these boards??? As an example, the Ford stock message boards are FILLED with unrelated topics about everything from Benghazi to trump...nothing to do with the stock. I posted a message asking if anyone is going to talk about the ford stock and it's upcoming financial data and it was deleted??!! Then I responded to a post on etsy stock about eBay buying them out and in a nut shell state the opinion it would be a bad business decision because...blah blah blah. Deleted!? What on earth is going on??
New 'Hoo

Re: All posts in message boards being deleted

noticed the same thing happening to my posts for the past year or so, and astonished that nobody else replied to you about it 


I have been posting for 17yrs and yahoo has become a horrible financial portal since that ex-Google exec took over... too much load time, ads and crap like censorship??


do you live inside USA or outside its borders ?


- just trying to see if we can figure it out on our own


any info helps

Administratin' 'Hoo

Re: All posts in message boards being deleted

@fate - could you provide more specific details and we will investigate.  Is this happening for all you posts on all boards?  Is this on stock conversations or news articles?  Our tools are showing your posts are active on the site.


Also, be sure you are sorting the conversations by "Newest Reactions" to see current posts. 

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