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Deleted emails returning

Established 'Hoo

Re: Deleted emails returning

Did you ever find an answer on deleting emails, I have just hit 1G and am locked out due to this issue 😭
'Hoo Recruit

Re: Deleted emails returning

I have the same problem - I got one suspicious e-mail from a close relative in my spam folder (this persons e-mails always go to my "In box".) It was from a known address so I opened it. It was kind of a phone scam alert that had been forwarded, some info maybe was not displayed in the e-mail. A little strange so I deleted it. I checked back and it was there. Tried deleting it many times and it always comes back. When I delete other messages from my spam they are gone, but this one keeps coming back. I did a Mcaffee Security scan the other night and it did find and isolate a "trojan" in my computer (RDN/Generic.dx)  I suppose the two are not related but this is a little odd. My relative did tell me the e-mail in question was from a reputable source (a local police department) and they have not experienced any problems.


I see and share the frustration that others have posted here. I figured contacting yahoo would be the thing to do, yet there does not seem to be a simple way to contact them (If there is some e-mail address, I missed it!) I used the yahoomail "quick fix tool" and got an e-mail back that they see there is a problem but need more info. I'm sure you all know this too - How do I provide more info when yahoo is asking for it with an e-mail from a "no reply address?" The provided links led me here. I did create a user name and figured instead of railing against yahoo to just honestly say what I see happening. I would have preferred sending an e-mail to joining the forum. It is a little disappointing that yahoo is not more straight about how to notify them of a problem. Perhaps I missed something, but it seems they are infering that this forum is the place to report problems with your e-mail. If someone at yahoo does see this and check out the problem, your help is appreciated.


Thank you




'Hoo Recruit

Re: Deleted emails returning

Ok - quick update. In all fairness I did try logging in on another browser as suggested and did delete the e-mail. After logging in a couple of times it does seem to be gone. If you do not hear from me again the problem is obviously solved.

New 'Hoo

Re: Deleted emails returning

Same problem.

Everyday when i open my email inbox i see

emails i have deleted years ago and

now popping uo again and again.

It doensnt matter where i open my inbox.


Will it it stop otherwise i just switch to another client..

A very frustrating member !!