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Crashing iPhone mail app

Pro 'Hoo

Re: Crashing iPhone mail app

Hello Alexb,


Essentially, what you are saying is that "it can't be done!" and then you are telling me/us to do it ourselves. Should you escalate this to tier 2 and then have your team interact with Apple? 


You mentioned that you don't have the source code. I don't have the source code either, and I'm assuming that Apple doesn't have yours. Or, maybe you guys can all get together and troubleshoot, since this is clearly an issue that is affecting a lot of people. Is it my job to do that, or is that your job? 


Incidentially, and in support of my hypothesis that this is actually Yahoo's fault and not Apple's, my Yahoo mail has been working fine with the Apple Mail app for several days now. The isssue, as at least one person has stated on this thread, is that it keeps crashing after working for several days.


This leads me to believe that, since I have done absolutely nothing on my side except turn off and then reinstall Yahoo in the mail app, that this is Yahoo's error. Again, I have no way to verify that. But neither do you, Alexb, until you escalate the issue and try to solve it. You can't just deny it, that isn't how it works.


Perhaps someone from tier 2 Yahoo support has already gone over your head and fixed this issue after they saw this thread. Or perhaps you reported it and then never admitted the actual fault to this thread. I know how the IT support flowchart works. At any rate, something should be done, by you. I am doing my duty by reporting this to you. If you want to bury your head in the sand, that's great. But you are going to get another 0 out of 10 on your next survey.


Thanks for your help, in advance,



Official 'Hoo Staff

Re: Crashing iPhone mail app

@J1234, Please understand that we cannot troubleshoot the iOS Mail app but you however, can contact Apple for that since it is their app you're using. There is no "Tier 2" as this is the only support channel.


Now here are the options you have again for this issue.


1) Contact Apple for troubleshooting for their iOS Mail app

2) Use your phone's web browser to access Yahoo

3) Install the Yahoo Mail app (recommended)


Again, Yahoo cannot troubleshoot or will work on this issue as it's a third party app you're using. Thanks.


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New 'Hoo

Re: Crashing iPhone mail app

I am USING THE YAHOO MAIL keeps crashing! It is not the iOS app it is the Yahoo mail app!!! Or at least I WAS using it! I've deleted it and gone to Apple mail, their support sucks less!!! 😡

Re: Crashing iPhone mail app

My iPhone 5 has been doing this the last several days. I thought I fixed it 2 nights ago when I deleted all my email accounts, uninstalled the apple mail app, restarted, reinstalled the apple mail app, then added all my email accounts again. That worked until the next morning when my apple mail app resumed crashing as soon as it opened. I did the whole routine again last night and again it worked until this morning. Not until I found this page did I turn off just yahoo mail in settings and voila- my apple mail app works fine. What's the real solution here besides using the yahoo mail app separately? Cause I'll just delete my yahoo account before I have to do that. Thanks!
Official 'Hoo Staff

Re: Crashing iPhone mail app


What iOS version are you currently running on your iPhone 5? 

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'Hoo Recruit

Re: Crashing iPhone mail app

Does the app crash in your iPhone? So there are many reasons for them, To solve all these reasons, I have found a thread from Google, that contains step by step information about Does the application get Crashing ? You need to read these thread(  and also read this:

'Hoo Recruit

Re: Crashing iPhone mail app

This is still happening.  It's not an Apple problem as only Yahoo mail disappears, not my Gmail or my work (Outlook) mail.