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Wow my flex stinks. Help me pick plz

Trusted 'Hoo Helper

Wow my flex stinks. Help me pick plz

This leauge is 1/4 of a point per reception.  Not much.  Who you have the most confidence in this week?  Well let me start here... Through out the year I have lost Marvin Jones, E.Sanders...and now I will probably be with OUT S.Ware again.


I am hoping S.Ware plays this week.  The matchup isnt ideal @ Seattle Sunday night game...but the feature back for KC is always worth starting.  


So assuming Ware doesnt play again this week...

do I go J.White vs Bills


C.Sutton @ Raiders on Monday night?

Both arent the best... and we arent allowed to make waiver moves once the playoffs start (dumb I know - but is what it is) 

Pro 'Hoo Helper

Re: Wow my flex stinks. Help me pick plz

sutton just cause the raiders suck

'Hoo Helper

Re: Wow my flex stinks. Help me pick plz

I'm going with White here. While I agree that the Raiders are terrible, I have been let down too many times by Sutton to be able to trust him. Even in good matchups he has not produced, and I think that the Broncos rely on the run game with Lindsay. And since your league is only .25 PPR, I think RBs in general are more valuable, especially a pass-catcher like White, despite the fact that he is in a timeshare. Good luck!