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Trades getting vetoed

'Hoo Recruit

Trades getting vetoed

I requested a trade with another team within my league and they accepted, but someone protested the trade and yahoo rejected it. I was trading 4 players (Julian Edelman, Greg Olsen, Matt Breida, and Aaron jones) for two players (David Johnson and Travis Kelce). This trade was shot down while another trade in the league went through. That trade was Ezekiel Elliot for Jordan Howard, Calvin Ridley, and OJ Howard. Can someone give me feedback on what they think about this and why? I don’t understand why yahoo would reject the trade. Three of the players I was trading were on my bench.
Bold 'Hoo

Re: Trades getting vetoed

I'm not sure that Yahoo is who/what vetoed that trade. More likely, your commisioner vetoed it or if your league votes on each trade, most voted against it. That's what Id' find out. It's a big trade and I don't see it as overly unbalanced. You traded depth for better starters. Honestly, I'd rather Jones than DJ this year. If your league-mates or commisioner vetoed it, you may have to discuss with them why they did.

'Hoo Helper

Re: Trades getting vetoed

Likely the commissioner of your league vetoed your trade in a custom/private league. If you're in a Public Yahoo league it's the others managers that vetoed it down. In any league that has the setting "League Votes" for Trade Review, only one third of the league needs to veto your trade to shoot it down.