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Rivers or Rodgers for the championship???

'Hoo Recruit

Rivers or Rodgers for the championship???

need your advice here for the win!  


Rivers vs  BALT     or Rodgers   vs NYJ  

'Hoo Recruit

Re: Rivers or Rodgers for the championship???

I have the same QBs for the championship.  I have chosen to go with Rodgers.  The reasons:


LAC with have Gordon back and may run more. 

LAC has low time of possession and Bal offense has the ball longer with Jackson.

Bal defense is plain tough.


Rodgers has a better matchup and more upside.  He may have something to prove based upon the questions around his leadership and performance of late.


My two cents....

Established 'Hoo

Re: Rivers or Rodgers for the championship???

Rodgers has been solid pretty much every week.  He has the better passing matchup, especially with LAC playing Baltimore.  2 picks on the season for Rodgers, I think you go with the guaruntee QB.  

Trusted 'Hoo Helper

Re: Rivers or Rodgers for the championship???

Rodgers.. will have to go to the air due to no ruuning game. And as mentioned Gordon's back, and Ravens D is playing well. GL in whatever you decide!!