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Sports Community Contest 10 (Oct 22, 2018 - Nov 19, 2018)

Pick 2 WR

Contributin' 'Hoo

Pick 2 WR

I can only play two

Antonio Brown(obviously)
Doug Baldwin
Marvin Jones Jr
Chris Hogan
'Hoo Helper

Re: Pick 2 WR

For me, Hogan hasn't done enough since returning for him to even be a option over the other choices.  Jones Jr. already tore up the Bears a few weeks back on the road, don't see any reason why he won't embarrass Kyle Fuller again at home.  Baldwin got shut down the first time he played the Rams this year but this is a very important game and he is a #1 wr in what should be a high scoring game.  Inny Minny Miney Mo, Jones Jr. for me but strong cases could be made for either.

Contributin' 'Hoo

Re: Pick 2 WR

I like Jones a lot and he's been pretty productive lately. And also Brown (obviously).