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Opinions on a trade that was veto'd

Pro 'Hoo

Opinions on a trade that was veto'd

So I had a back and forth with another player over a trade that got the big veto. I understand how someone may dislike it, but I don't think it was so unbalanced that it should have been dissalowed.


I have Yanni Gourde and Seth Jones and was offered Tavares and Drew Doughty. 


I 100% concede that based on pure stats Tavares is well above Gourde. However, I broke down the players average game stats and they aren't terribly off


Tavares (C) +Doughty (D) 
GPG 0.68 
APG 0.93 
SPG 5.48 
HPG 2.65 

Gourde (LW,RW,C) +Jones (D) 
GPG 0.52 
APG 0.90 
SPG 4.62 
HPG 2.06 


Given Gourde has full forward position eligibility and the team trading away Tavares to me has 5 pure centers, I feel this trade should have been allowed as the stats are only a little one sided, but the team on the losing end of the stats is gaining winger positions that he needs.

Opinions on the veto?

Sports All-star

Re: Opinions on a trade that was veto'd

Absolute veto. You can try to sell the stats all you want but if the trade involves such huge names for such not huge names, it’s going to get vetoed every time.
Sports All-star

Re: Opinions on a trade that was veto'd

  1. When evaluating trades, I always ask myself how the trade would have looked at the beginning of the season.  I think you will concede that immediately after the draft, this deal was laughable.  Of course, as the season progresses, players' values rise and fall based on stats, situations, injuries, trades etc.  This deal is no closer now than it was at season start,  IMO, so I would still veto this one also.  Tavares is the best player in the group by far.  That’s why he was a late first or early second round pick.  He hasn’t disappointed so in order for any deal involving him, the next two best players had better be on the other side and the better of those two had better be a consensus 2nd rounder also having a good season (think Pasternak, Seguin, Burns etc.) That isn’t there.  Gourde's best season was last year and he is projecting to be below that.  I do have Jones over Doughty but not enough to offset the disparity between a superstar and an above average Swiss Army knife (unless he had D eligibility like Burns and Byfuglien did a few years back). Definite veto for me too.
Pro 'Hoo

Re: Opinions on a trade that was veto'd

Alright, fair enough guys, thanks. I guess I have always put more emphasis on multi role players with fewer points than star players in single roles. I thought this was unbalanced in my favor, but not as much as I guess everyone else did at this point in the season. Oh well

Rookie All-star

Re: Opinions on a trade that was veto'd

If you even just look at what you posted, Tavares/Doughty are better in every category across the board - and would be expected by pretty much everyone to do better going forward as well.


Essentially, this trade is Tavares for Gourde as Doughty and Jones value is basically a wash (though I'd rather have Jones as well). 


Obviously, that is a very lopsided trade, though I don't endorse vetoing. If the other guy believes Gourde and Jones will be better rest of season, I think he should be allowed to act on that opinion. 

Pro 'Hoo

Re: Opinions on a trade that was veto'd

I do know Tavares is better any day of the week, I just assumed Gourde's 3 position aibility would be taken into consideration as he is a 60 point player with C,LW,RW eligibility, vs. Tavares being an 80 point player with just C eligibility. But I've accepted I am way off in this valuation ha.