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Line up tweaks

'Hoo Helper

Line up tweaks

I'm not even sure who my starters are at this point, lol...  PPR league.


QB - Cousins

WR - DJax

WR - Fuller V

RB - McKinnon

RB - McCoy

TE - Graham

W/R/T Flex - Pryor

K - Elliott

D - Denver

Bench  - Tate

Bench - Riddick

Bye - Ellington

Bye - Engram

Bye - Nelson

Suspended - Lynch


So, depth problems.  Tate is banged up. Time to drop Pryor.  Waste of a third round pick on the gamble.  Jordy looks to be severly impacted by Rodgers loss, so my second rounder is down.  My all Irish backfield still has a week 9 bye with McKinnon who is a coin flip on whether he's the primary back in a week.  Had to pull the double tight end set this past week, but luckily Seattle worked out (again this year) how to use Graham and Engram's been solid.  Ellington is useless at this point.  I also think I can drop Lynch with a suspension week and bye week.  He hasn't lived up to his former self either.


So in order of uselessness, I am looking at getting rid of Ellington, Pryor and Lynch.  Trades aren't really my thing and I doubt anyone wants them.  (Actually, looking at it, do you think giving up Lynch for Sheppard would be fair/help?) So who to get?  There is just not much out there and it all feels like chasing last week's points, but at this point in the season, I guess that's the way it is.  Only so much matchup watching I can do with a move limit rule in place too:

WR - Kearse, Kupp, T Benjamin, Stills, Smith-Shuster, Deonte Thompson, Maclin, Paul Richardson, Lee, Tyrell Williams, Torrey Smith, Sanu

RB - Aaron Jones, Smallwood, Cohen, Richard/Washington, Buck Allen.


I'll actually probably keep one of the three at least to cover my kicker bye in Week 10, which I'd normally drop add, but this kid's good and Philly's been scoring a lot.


Accepted Solutions
Rockstar 'Hoo

Re: Line up tweaks

Go get Kupp too

'Hoo Helper

Re: Line up tweaks

Grab Aaron Jones however you can.

'Hoo Helper

Re: Line up tweaks

Thanks.  I intend to try.  I'm fifth waiver though.  Two of them are good on RBs, though one is hoarding them anyway and has Abdullah he can drop.  The other two aren't as active, but this is pretty much the no brainer of the week.  My only help may be that he's on bye and they may have other needs for this week.

Rockstar 'Hoo

Re: Line up tweaks

Go get Kupp too

'Hoo Helper

Re: Line up tweaks

Got Jones on waivers, dropped Ellington.

Then dropped Pryor and picked up Dede Westbrook to stash in my IR slot, which he hopefully comes off of and into the line up in the next couple weeks.

Then picked up Kearse to fill the bench slot.

Have the Shepard for Lynch trade offered, but I don't think he'll take it.