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Last time I bug you all this NFL season, which WR?

Trusted 'Hoo Helper

Last time I bug you all this NFL season, which WR?

First off.  Happy Holidays all.  GL in any Championship games!!

I might have asked this question (MIGHT) a day or so ago...but one last time...


Who you guys like more for PPR? J.Landry vs Bengals or R.Anderson vs Packers? Both decent matchups at home.

I trust the overall passing game of the Browns more, Browns should have no proble at home putting up points.

But I trust the volume to Anderson more than Landrys volume.  That other Jets WR Quincy E. is out, and Anderson has about 6 MORE targets over the last 2 weeks then Landry.  Not to mention the DB coverin Anderson (Packers DB Alexander) is a burner like it isnt like Anderson can take advantage of that mis match as much as one would like...


But experts have both ranked about the same with Landry being higher.  Who you trust more this week?


Contributin' 'Hoo

Re: Last time I bug you all this NFL season, which WR?

Hard to say.


I like the Landry match up, so I side more with him, but I also have him on my team and I just can't trust him giving me the points I need.

Anderson is probably the higher ceiling, but a lower floor. I'm also a die-hard packer fan, and I don't trust our D, but I know Jarie will give Anderson a hard time.


I'd go with Landry.