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I think this is a sneaky good play WR this week!

Trusted 'Hoo Helper

I think this is a sneaky good play WR this week!

LONG READ - but I must say a good read with GREAT points!

If you have a stacked team top to bottom...dont get cute and roll with your stacked team.

If you are like me and have Odell (who is out) or other players who fill your flex spot who are "suspect" players that are hit or miss and tend to have stink games... Like your Allen Robinsons, Larry Fitz, Cortland Sutton, if you are missing E.Sanders, or even Kenny golladay has been stinking.  Golden Tate and Alshon Jeffery are hit or miss and now they dont have their starting QB. 


What about WR Robby Anderson for the Jets?

The matchup is vs a tough team (Texans) but it isnt too bad a matchup for Anderson. Lets look at goes.

Jets are at home (which for any NFL team is always a plus). Anderson had a good game last week (4 receptions 70 plus yards TD) and Anderson saw the most targets last week for the Jets (7) and now Anderson is the top WR this week for the Jets becuase Quincy Enunwa is out - so hopefully more targets. Anderson did well last year (at one point he had a 6 week stretch where he was a must start top 5 (I think) Fantasy WR). During that stretch he was putting up some great stats...TDs...big yard games.  I know this year is different but the guy is young and has speed, and actually pretty good hands.

Jets arent going to run the ball up and down on the Texans - just isnt going to happen. Texans  get beat in the secondary...especailly to speedy WRs.  How did Ty Hilton do last week?  199 yards?  Yes Anderson isnt Hilton and Darnold isnt Luck...but Anderson (like Hilton) is the type of WR that beats the Texans D.  

Plus (like i said above) you arent running on the I expect the Jets to throw alot and I think Anderson gets high volume targets....and I am not going to guess the yard amount...or if he scores... But I will tell you my bold prediction is he gets 8 receptions.  I think Anderson becomes a target monster this games thanks to everything I said above ^ It wouldnt shock me if he gets 12 targets.

I dont think the Jets light up the score board, I dont think Darnold throws for a ton of yards... but the volume I think that will go to Anderson...ON TOP OF the best way to beat Texans is speedy WRs.... I have this hardcore gut feeling that Anderson catches a long TD (40 plus yards). But my bold prediction is he still gets 8 receptions due to volume.

Finally, NO ONE thinks the Jets have a great O (and rightfully so) but they just put up 27 points on the road last week @ the Bills last week.  This same Bills team that has the NUMBER ONE D and NUMBER ONE PASSING D. Everyone thinks the Texans will win (rightfully so) so that means Jets will have to throw which = More volume for the pass catches.


Anyone can make any player look good.  I am not saying bench a stud to get Anderson in there... but if you are missing Odell again this week (like me) or if you have a not so good flex like Allen Robinson...  the upside of Anderson is this spot looks great.  That is another thing...if your team is just out matched this week and you are playing the top seeded playoff team.  Anderson might be a nice swing for the fences play.  If you have to over come that big of a hill...then why play someone low ranked that has a "safe floor with no upside"... swing for the fences and Anderson is that play!


'Hoo Helper

Re: I think this is a sneaky good play WR this week!

Good points, I am considering Anderson due to my current disaster WR situation (lost Green & Sanders). His monster stretch last season was with McCown (they somehow had great synergy) but he always has a chance at the big play, and I agree that he's likely to see volume given Enunwa's injury. Best of luck to anyone else also taking a flier on Robby this week!

Trusted 'Hoo Helper

Re: I think this is a sneaky good play WR this week!

I would say that is a win!!! I need it too since Philip Lindsay ...well....stunk!