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Evaluate this trade please

Contributin' 'Hoo

Evaluate this trade please

Who wins this trade? Struggling at WR and just lost Palmer and have Tate out 2-4 weeks...all advice appreciated ~

Receiving: Dez Bryant

Losing: Mark Ingram


Current Lineup as followed:


QB: B. Roethlisberger

WR1: D. Hopkins

WR2: T.Y Hilton

WR3: G. Tate

RB1: D. Freeman

RB2: M. Ingram

TE1: K. Rudolph
K: G. Zuerlein

DST: Minnesota



C. Palmer

D. Murray

J. Brown

S. Watkins

E. Decker

B. Fowler


Accepted Solutions
Reliable 'Hoo

Re: Evaluate this trade please

I wouldnt. dont panic. if you do it you will lose out at RB depth. You have plenty of WRs to play it out versus matchups until Gate gets back. Good luck.


Please answer my post.

'Hoo Helper

Re: Evaluate this trade please

Murray is much better than your options for WR3, but if you can ride out the Tate injury, I like having the RB depth

Contributin' 'Hoo

Re: Evaluate this trade please


Pro 'Hoo Helper

Re: Evaluate this trade please

really u because u gave up ingram ( although i dont like him ) but u could of goten someone ( a Player for no one Palmer is injured and u can put him on ir )

Contributin' 'Hoo

Re: Evaluate this trade please

Can't make complete sense of this last remark, can you clarify in simpler terms please?

Contributin' 'Hoo

Re: Evaluate this trade please

Does anyone else feel this trade is greatly skewed in one direction, or is it rather even?

Established 'Hoo

Re: Evaluate this trade please

Looks fair to me

Pro 'Hoo Helper

Re: Evaluate this trade please

the trade is fair and it helps your WR.  I still don't like it for your team.  you don't have the RB depth to make this trade IMO.  you have several WR on your bench that you can use in place of Tate but trading Ingram will force you to use Murray as RB2 with no one behind them pick up the load should one go down.

Rockstar 'Hoo

Re: Evaluate this trade please

Terrible idea as it will leave you with only 2 RBs

Bold 'Hoo

Re: Evaluate this trade please

I can see you're panicing at the moment - why give up any of your RB's?  You're light at the position - I don't like it..  Yes, you need help at WR, but playing light with 2 RB's and 8 WR's is madness..  


Does the guy you're in trade conversation with have any RB's they can throw in to level out your BN?  I mean if you can send out 2 or your lowest WR's for 2 mid-range (8-12 pt. per/game RB's) along with Bryant that would change the whole conversation - but as is, no way..  Don't make this trade..