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Big Keeper Trade Advice

Established 'Hoo

Big Keeper Trade Advice

A - Hedman/Nylander/6th Round Pick
B - Point/Kessel/1st Round Pick

10 team league. 12 keepers. All stats. Some noteable players that went in first round of the draft last year were: Tkachuk, Point, Arvidsson, Pettersson, Letang, Skinner.
Rookie All-star

Re: Big Keeper Trade Advice

I'd go with B. I'm never been all that high on Nylander personally, though I'd acknowledge he could easily take off by playing with Tavares and/or Matthews.


I am high on Hedman, and think he is the most valuable player in the deal (despite what the stats so far have been), but I think the value of B is more than enough to make it worth it.

New 'Hoo

Re: Big Keeper Trade Advice

B all day.... You know how good Point is going to be?  Guy is amazing.