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sent email

'Hoo Recruit

sent email

i need to recover an email i sent between the last few days of june to the first cople of days of july 1991....

i searched for it years ago, but the sent email folder would't go back that far...

if i can't access it myself, then who would be able to help me, and how could i contact them?


Moderatin' 'Hoo

Re: sent email



Here's an article with some suggestions regarding finding missing emails.


Please be advised that our restore process is completely automated, and we can only restore messages lost or deleted within the last 7 days. Any messages that can be restored will re-appear in your mailbox within 8 hours. If you’re not seeing all the messages you expect after 8 hours, it’s because they were no longer recoverable.


You can request a mail restore here. Once the restore is complete you would need to check your trash folder for the recovered messages.


If you are using a mail client such as Outlook or the Native mobile app, emails may be deleted by that third party client. We do recommend accessing your mail via or the Yahoo Mail app to avoid this issue.

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'Hoo Recruit

Re: sent email

thanks for the reply, but the email is not missing nor was it accidentally deleted. as i stated previously, i sent the email in the end of june or the first of july 2001. i'm not able to recover it because the sent email folder only would go back about 9 years. the email was sent over 16 years ago. there must be a way to access it...
New 'Hoo

Re: sent email

Hi let me know please if you figure it out I have the same prob thanks so much Smiley Happy
Official 'Hoo Staff

Re: sent email




If you're unable to find you missing emails after a mail restore,  it’s because they were no longer recoverable.

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'Hoo Recruit

Re: sent email

This didn’t help me at all. This is a joke