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Sent email not showing up in my Sent folder

New 'Hoo

Sent email not showing up in my Sent folder

I sent an email earlier this week and have not yet received a response so I went into my sent folder today to make sure it actually got sent and it's not there. I then searched my email for the recipient's email address and got this message: "You sent a single message to **Username Protected** in Dec 2018 regarding '2019 cheer dates?".

What does that mean? Where is the sent email, and how can I ensure I didn't get a response which is also lost somewhere?

Official 'Hoo Staff

Re: Sent email not showing up in my Sent folder


Checking our logs, I do see that email as being sent from our servers. Usually when emails go missing like this it's because of another program or app the account is being accessed from. Check out this post for more info. If it wasn't received by the recipient, then it might be due to a setting or filter on their end.

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New 'Hoo

Re: Sent email not showing up in my Sent folder

Thank you for the additional info. 

If the recipient responded, do you think it would come through on my end ok? Before I email her again, I want to make sure she didn't already reply.

Moderatin' 'Hoo

Re: Sent email not showing up in my Sent folder


Here is what to look at if you believe an email might not reach you.

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