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Email going to junk but is not junk

Official 'Hoo Staff

Re: Email going to junk but is not junk

@Teserk Hello, If you see emails in your Spam folder which is not Spam:

  1. Click on the Spam folder.
  2. Select the email.
  3. Click Not Spam at the top of the page.
    -The email will return to your Inbox.

Hope this helps. Thanks.

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Established 'Hoo

Re: Email going to junk but is not junk

I'm having the same issue. I mark these emails as "not spam" every day and have made rules that they should go straight into the inbox but it makes no difference. Yahoo needs to fix this as what they're saying should work isn't.

Pro 'Hoo

Re: Email going to junk but is not junk

With my at&t yahoo account, the SPAM or NOT SPAM button is the security shield at the bottom of the opened email. However, as others have indicated, I'm having to click on the NOT SPAM shield every time the same person's email automatically goes into my spam folder, which is daily.

Official 'Hoo Staff

Re: Email going to junk but is not junk


In addition to marking the emails as Not Spam, try adding the sender's address to your Address Book. This may help our system "trust" the sender better.

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Contributin' 'Hoo

Re: Email going to junk but is not junk

I would respectfully suggest that the Yahoo staff and anyone who will answer this issue understand that the SPAM issue is chronic for those of us asking for help.

- the contact IS in our address list

- the email from a particular contact ALWAYS goes to SPAM

- we move it from SPAM to Inbox with "NOT SPAM" and next time we get an email it goes to SPAM

- we either HAVE applied a filter for this contact or have no filter and it still goes to SPAM-seem that with or without a filter it doesn't have an effect

- if it's a POP filter issue - how to fix it and why is only one contact have the problem?

Please consider the above issues before giving a single dimension answer.  All of the above need to be considered before giving us an answer.  Hoping we will get to a solution that restores our contact to INBOX and not automatically goin to SPAM.

THank you.


Established 'Hoo

Re: Email going to junk but is not junk

I have thw same issue everyday. Yahoo MUST fix this issue. There is no reason this particular email should go to junk. I have marked it NOT JUNK for several weeks and nothing changes. Every time i get an email from this company, it goes right into JUNK.


Yahoo, get with it! fix this issue already.