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Email Addresses

New 'Hoo

Email Addresses

I used to send email to Alice using the address **Username Protected** Alice left the job and was replaced by Betty. I removed Alice from my contact list and added Betty using the same email address **Username Protected** Now when I address an email to Betty, she receives the email with the name Alice, not Betty. What do I have to change to make the name Betty appear?

Official 'Hoo Staff

Re: Email Addresses


If you send yourself an email with the email address you're sending to, along with which name should be showing for it, we can check it out from there.

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Mail Pro All-star

Re: Email Addresses


An email address has this format.





In the first format the name comes from your address book or contact cards if available. If there is neither then the receiver may display a name from his address book or contact cards. See below for detailed info.


Yahoo maintains 2 lists of contacts that are used for automatic completion.
1. There is your contact or address book which you create. You can quickly see them by clicking TO when composing an email. You can also go to contacts by clicking here. Nothing is automatically added to them unless you check the option in writing email settings. You can click TO to see the address book.
2. There are contact cards which Yahoo creates. Details are below.
The Contact Card name list appears when you type a few letters into the TO box. They can be deleted by clicking the X that appears. This does not work in New mail. Go back to Classic. Deleting has no effect on your address book.
Contact Card details are shown when hovering over a FROM or TO name in sent or received email. It may also be shown in other areas of the display. You can also just enter the complete address in the TO field while composing and then hover over the name.
The data is extracted from various sources such as your email, address book, and Linkedin. You can block Linkedin as indicated below. This includes any photo that may be associated with an email. If the information is incorrect you can click the dots in the lower left of the contact card and pick the option to change it. It only saves them for yourself and may ask if you want to add to your address book. I know of no way to directly update the photo. To remove it you must delete the card as indicate above. Note that updating does not work in New Mail (Beta). Go back to Classic.
If someone else displays the wrong information then it indicates that their contact cards and/or address book contain bad information. They can also click the dots to update it for themselves. There is no universal way for you to correct what is displayed elsewhere.
Click on "me" at the top of the page next to your avatar.
Click "settings & privacy".
Click "partners and services".
Click "permitted services".
If Yahoo is listed then click "remove".
NOTE: No other social sites can be linked but if they were in the past the information may already have been extracted. Yahoo is currently working on updates to the system.


Feel free to reply if my question or answer is not clear. Include @Barkley_Hound in the post.
I do not work for Yahoo and my postings are just my opinion based on experience.