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Block domain name of spammers

'Hoo Recruit

Block domain name of spammers



I keep on receiving a lot of spam e-mails from the same domain names on a daily basis. I keep on blocking the e-mail addresses, but the next day I receive other e-mails from the same domain name. 


How can I block e-mails from a complete domain name? I take all responsibility for blocking these domain names, it is such a nuissance..


Thank you,


Mail Pro All-star

Re: Block domain name of spammers

You would use the banned address list.
Hover over the far right gear icon ⚙ in Yahoo mail and then click "settings".
Then click "Banned Addresses" in left column.


Just put the domain name instead of a full address.


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I do not work for Yahoo and my postings are just my opinion based on experience.
Official 'Hoo Staff

Re: Block domain name of spammers

Hi @Willem

Along with marking the emails as spam you can also set filters and individually block emails. I have provided some information below which will walk you through setting this up.

Use filters to sort and organize incoming email:

Block addresses in Yahoo Mail:



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'Hoo Recruit

Re: Block domain name of spammers

Thank you very much for your help and feedback. Unfortunately it doesn't help much.


The messages keep on coming, the domain names contain small changes though or slightly different numbers.


The domainnames contain at least the following info:










Could I block IP addresses where those e-mails come from?


Thanks again,


New 'Hoo

Re: Block domain name of spammers

I tried as you suggested but when I enter the domain name e.g., it says invalid email address. I also tried domain: with the same result. So how do I block all these spam coming with different first part  but with same domain name? e.g. **Username Protected**, **Username Protected** and so on?

Official 'Hoo Staff

Re: Block domain name of spammers


I believe that blocking domains works better if done from the Classic Mail version. Give a try. 

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