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Unique draft. Need one manager

Established 'Hoo

Unique draft. Need one manager

Please contact me at    ytse82   at  hotmail



Every year we start with 6 keepers.  We keep one player from each position plus one more skater.

They get put at the end of the draft.

Then we draft position by position.
I generate a random draft order for each round using a certain website.
We start with Center.  The draft order gets sent to everybody via email. When the list is posted the manager with first pick chooses a Center, Then that round continues.

Then I generate another random order for the rest of the roster spots.

Last year the order was...

You can trade any of these rounds during the draft.  You can't trade any of the picks during the season.

Every manager has 24 hrs to pick.  If you miss your pick you go to the end of the round. 

You could end up with just one 1st pick or more than one 1st pick of a round. You could also end up with zero first picks.

In the football league that drafts this way. One manager had 3 first picks, two mangers had two, and one manager had zero. The rest had at least one.