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Bettman Sucks, 7 $$ leagues, Space available

New 'Hoo

Bettman Sucks, 7 $$ leagues, Space available

You can find these leagues on the yahoo leagues listing board, just filter by draft date to find your Bettman Sucks league.


** ALL LEAGUES are 12 Teams MAX. (how many teams you see signed up in the league is irrelevant)** All draft times are eastern. $$ is US currency.

BS I ... Draft: Sun Sept 24, 6:00pm. $100, H2H. 10th year of league. ... LAST 3 spots
BS II ... Draft: Sun Sept 24, 9:00pm. $125, H2H. 9th year of league. ... LAST 2 spots
BS III ... Draft: Sun Oct 1st, 3:00pm. $100, ROTO. 6th year of league.  ... LAST 4 spots

BS VI ... Draft: Fri SepTESTEST-win. ... 4th Year of league. ... LAST 7 spots
BS VII ... Draft: Mon Oct 2nd, 10:00pm. $150, H2H. ... 2nd year of league. ... LAST 6 spots
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Re: Bettman Sucks, 7 $$ leagues, Space available

interested in ur roto league. send me invite robinwang604 at