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1st year 14 man dynasty basketball league

Pro 'Hoo

1st year 14 man dynasty basketball league

20 dollar entry, draft is Sunday the 22nd. All questions should be answered below.


League rules: 

1. 14 team Dynasty league


2. Head to head - 1 win


3. Money league: 20 dollar entry


1st = 180 2nd = 75 3rd = 25


4. The draft order for non playoff teams will be determined by reverse regular season standings.


5. Initial league draft will be an auction draft. Each team will have a budget amount of $100. The amount of each winning bid will be the salary that is tied to that players contract.


6. Contract length distribution: Contract lengths per player will be determined by each owner. You will have 14 contracts to assign to various players. the following contract lengths must be assigned to your initial draft class:


2 each: 4 year contract

3 each: 3 year contract

2 each: 2 year contract

7 each: 1 year contract


Roster Positions:

PG, SG, G, SF, PF, F, C,C, UTIL, UTIL, 4 bench. 2 IR spots.


Salary Cap:

I) There will be a salary cap of $110 for the 2017 season, although the initial draft roster will be only $100. You must be below the salary cap at the beginning and during the season.


A) Adjust the salary cap by $5 each offseason up until a maximum of $125 dollars is obtained.

2017 = $110

2018 = $115

2019 = $120

2020 = $125


II) If you go over the cap, you will be required to fix it within the week. Failure to do so will result in a penalty enforced by the Commissioner. (Loss of draft pick)


Offseason Order: Rosters will be maintained using google sheets to track salary cap, and during the offseason when yahoo takes down the football site.


- Rookie draft (will take place shortly after the NBA draft)

Rookie contracts are as follows:

A. 1st round pick = $3/3

B. 2nd round pick = $2/2

- Free agency

Players will be nominated on a message board and teams will comment their bids until 24 hours passes with out a higher bid.



1) Any contrast of $8+ a year that are dropped must pay a penalty of half that players salary each year of the contract.

2) Contracts can be voided if players retire or are suspended.

3) FAAB free agent contracts

A. $1-10 bids $1/1 year

B. $11-39 bids: $3/1 year

C. $40+ bids: $5/1 year

4) Players contracts on the IR still count against the cap.

5) Contract extensions:

- 1 allowed each year. This player can be extended for whatever the previous years salary +$3.