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emails missing

Pro 'Hoo

Re: emails missing

This is no use to me. I haven't changed any settings or apps. The last change I made was to update my iPhone last October, but I haven't deleted 3 years of emails from there. And it wouldn't explain why everything was working perfectly for 2 months after the change of phone. All I want is my inbox restored - is that possible or am I going to have to change to a more secure account provider? I have had a Sky email account since Sky first introduced them and haven't had any problems up until now. Can anyone tell me what's happened? Is there a number I can call to try and find out what's happened? Thankyou

Mail Pro All-star

Re: emails missing

Greetings @tpeters


You mentioned checking your email on your Mac.  Do you sign into your account from a browser from the Yahoo website or do you use Mac Mail or another email program?  You mentioned using an iPhone, what mail app are you using?  When was the last time you had seen these missing emails?


Since this is a Sky account you can always contact them.


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Pro 'Hoo

Re: emails missing

some of mine have been recovered as well but not all. it is almost impossible to get a person on the phone to help with the issue. and when i did get someone from Yahoo on the phone they told me i needed to contact AOL. they transferred me and AOL said no, this is a yahoo account.

i dont know what else to do

Official 'Hoo Staff

Re: emails missing


You definitely have a Yahoo Mail account. Not sure why they transferred you to AOL. Did you get a case number?

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Pro 'Hoo

Re: emails missing

On Mac desktop, I access emails on Sky/Yahoo website via Safari.

On iPhone, I originally got emails via Mac Mail, but subsequently changed to the Yahoo mail app. The iPhone was changed/updated back in October and no emails were lost for at least 2 months, so I'm not sure how that device could be the problem. Last year I jettisoned many old emails pre 2016 so I know it can be a laborious process to delete hundreds of emails en masse - not something I would or could have done accidentally. Thanks for your help; how do I contact Sky about this?

Moderatin' 'Hoo

Re: emails missing


You can reach them as shown here:

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