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We’ve made the difficult decision to discontinue the Yahoo Communities effective Jan 24, 2019.

Be assured you will still be able to find answers to your Yahoo product and app questions on the Yahoo Help website ( In addition, you’ll be able to find the Yahoo Community moderators on Twitter, responding from our many handles including @YahooCare and @YahooFantasyCC.

If you ever need help with your Yahoo accounts, try Yahoo Account Pro for 24/7 live phone support.

Questions about deleted account

New 'Hoo

Questions about deleted account

I have requested my account be deleted and now it's still there.  How long will this take?  What will happen if people email me at this account now? Will the emails be kicked back to them undelivered or will they sit there? Because now that I deleted my account, I cannot get back in. They will not send me a recovery password to my other email for some reason. They said it was sent, but it wasn't.  So what now?

Official 'Hoo Staff

Re: How do I terminate my email account and how long does it take?


If you sign back into an account within 30 days after deleting it online, it will reactivate, making it seem like it was never deleted. If someone emails a deleted account, it will bounce back as undeliverable. Check your other accounts filters and spam folder to make sure the recovery email wasn't sent somewhere else.

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