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Emails from address disappearing from my inbox

New 'Hoo

Emails from address disappearing from my inbox

For some reason, emails from certain individuals are going missing from my inbox. 

I see them, I read them but when I return later they've completely vanished - not in spam, not in trash.

If I do a recover request they still do not appear.

It seems to happen particularly from "" addresses, which I believe is the apple domain.


It may be linked to another concern I have over email aliases as I've recently received emails that were not intended for me ( but rather for another yahoo account (, which as the same username as my alias.


It's all very frustrating as so-far noone has been able to help.

Official 'Hoo Staff

Re: Emails from address disappearing from my inbox


Sometimes when emails go missing it's because of another program or app the account is being accessed from. Check out this post for more info and how to restore missing emails.

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