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Delay in receiving emails

New 'Hoo

Delay in receiving emails


I'm having long delays in receiving email on my second yahoo mail account.

I have 2 yahoo mail accounts, the first one works fine, but the second causes problems.

I'm receiving emails with 5-24 hours delay or more.

I've created a gmail account and I set my yahoo to reroute (of forward) every email to the gmail account. Incredibly, I receive the forwarded emails in the gmail account in time, but they show up in my yahoo account after a few hours or the next day.

I use the web to check my emails ( in web browser) and the yahoo app from Play Store (I have android).

Please help me resolve this problem, and please excuse any mistakes - English is not my native language. 

Official 'Hoo Staff

Re: Delay in receiving emails


Is the second account linked to the first one? If so, if you log into the second account directly, do the emails show up on time?

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New 'Hoo

Re: Delay in receiving emails

Yes, the second is linked to the first one, but even if I log on directly to the account, the emails don't show up in time.
Maybe if I try to unlink the account? Haven't try this. Do you think I should?
Moderatin' 'Hoo

Re: Delay in receiving emails


You can try unlinking and relinking the account and see if it helps. 

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