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Bulk Mail folder appears in "Sent" in Outlook for Mac 2016

Established 'Hoo

Re: Bulk Mail folder appears in "Sent" in Outlook for Mac 2016

There is another thread about this issue:
As I've mentioned previously, I've researched this and tried many things recommended by Yahoo reps both here and on the website (also working with Apple Care higher tier.
If someone from your engineering side sends me a private message, I can share screen shots of folder structure and naming differences including the current situation and even have a conversation or two.
There is definitely something wrong with the Yahoo! server/IMAP clients (be it Mail or Outlook, Mac or IOS or PC, cellular data or internet net**@#%(word removed)**) syncing and it just started in mid-September..
Most recently, yesterday 9/30/18, it appears that some of my Yahoo server folders were adjusted by whoever at your end. Though following your well-meaning rep instructions had earlier wiped out my spam files, I was finally able last night to move two test files into the Spam folder and have them appear on both Spam and IMAP clients. Later, one new spam mail did appear on my iPhone in Mail "Junk." We shall see. I have
However, one real problem appears to be naming conventions (the term "Bulk Mail" seems to be very problematic as relates to "Spam") and what is lost/gained, added/deleted at both server and device when IMAP client or Yahoo server folders are changed/added/deleted.
Nonetheless, the bottom line is that, rightly configured or not, all was syncing correctly until mid-September when something st the Yahoo server end changed/corrupted(?)/ whatever.

As a forementioned, and while Yahoo is not AT&T, I have basically been a long term faithful user of and hope that you can/will help me (and, in that process, many others who are clearly experiencing the same problem).
Finally, I again offer to work directly with someone in engineering to provide immediate and complete feedback from the field and by the end user.
Established 'Hoo

Re: Bulk Mail folder appears in "Sent" in Outlook for Mac 2016

Thank you Alexander18 (and Scootermobile). Despite a couple of hiccups, your bringing my issues to the attention of your engineering folks appears to have resulted in their reconfiguration of my main mailbox folders. And the Yahoo! server Spam folder ( is once again syncing with the Junk folder on my various IMAP clients (i.e., Mail on iPhone, Mail on iMac, and Outlook for Mac 2016)
In hindsight (and for future reference). I am convinced that a lack of uniformity in default IMAP mail folder naming (when first installed) and various other idiosyncrasies between and among devices, operating systems IMAP client apps/programs confound the Spam syncing and, perhaps, other syncing issues often reported here. At the bottom line, "bulk mail" appears to mean different things to different companies and therein lies at least one facet of the problem.
In any case, Thanks!!!
Official 'Hoo Staff

Re: Bulk Mail folder appears in "Sent" in Outlook for Mac 2016


Woohoo! Glad it's working again! Smiley Happy

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