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Members Picks Didn't Save

'Hoo Recruit

Members Picks Didn't Save

We have had multiple instances with 4 of our players (maybe more, but only 4 spoke up, myself as commissioner included), where picks are put in, it shows as completed, then when you look back after games starts, a random game is blank.  It appears to be dropping at random.  


Anyone else experience this?  I am not even sure how to reach Yahoo to ask about this, so it brought me here.


I have also had 1 person report that they picked Pittsburgh this week, but when they went back in it was ATL.  This was a die hard Steeler fan, so she wasn't happy.  

Any feedback is appreciated.  I have a people getting frustrated, as we have been using Yahoo for years with no issues.  

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Administratin' 'Hoo

Re: Members Picks Didn't Save

This sounds like folks didn't save their picks. You must click 'save picks' at the bottom of the pick list. I'd recommend folks save and then refresh the page to be sure their picks remain what they chose.

For the person where the pick switched, they may be sharing their computer or phone with someone who could change their pick. It's also possible they made a mistake while quickly picking all the games. 

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'Hoo Recruit

Re: Members Picks Didn't Save

Thank you for the reply. I happened to be 1 of the people. After clicking Save Picks, I clearly saw 15/15 completed. For some reason when I went back in (after games started), 1 was missing. We will continue to monitor.
New 'Hoo

Re: Members Picks Didn't Save

I made my picks on my phone, clicked save picks, but when I checked them Sunday evening, it showed that I had made no picks and therefore got 0 wins.
'Hoo Recruit

Re: Members Picks Didn't Save

This happened to me in my Survivor pool.  Yahoo claims they cannot do anything about it unless you take a screenshot every week to have proof of picks.  Such BS.