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Fund price not updating

New 'Hoo

Re: Fund price not updating

I have the same issue with GB00B80QFX11.L


Please get this fixed.

'Hoo Recruit

Re: Fund price not updating

Hello, friends-whose-funds-are-no-longer-being-updated:


For what it's worth, I wrote to Ice Data Services (icedataservices"at" to let them know that some funds are no longer being updated (mine and those listed in this forum) in the Yahoo Finance page.  I found a link somewhere indicating that Ice Data Services provides the updates to Yahoo within 15 minutes (yeah... right....)


I will let you know via this page if they respond.


(Very disappointed that Yahoo doesn't address these problems, by the way, and actually rather dismayed that they are plannign to shut down the forum entirely....)


'Hoo Recruit

Re: Fund price not updating

Got an automated response from icedataservices:

A support case has been opened. Please use CC***Phone Number Removed - Learn more.***eference your case.


Regards to all

'Hoo Recruit

Re: Fund price not updating

OMG, the useful information was removed.  And it was a reference number, not a phone number!


I got an automated response from icedataservices. 


A support case has been opened. Please use CC Zero Five Zero Nine Four Five Zero Three to reference your case.



'Hoo Recruit

Re: Fund price not updating

I'm facing the same issue for all my funds. e.g., 105758.BO (last updated December 22 1:30AM IST).

Can you please fix the issue?



Sarvesh Katariya