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recovery options

New 'Hoo

recovery options

When I try to recover my account it goes to a page that says that " I can't recover my account online and to go to the help site." I have no recovery information for my account filled in on my settings page so I can't recover my account that way. Any suggestions?
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New 'Hoo

Re: recovery options

Can not sign my account, Ido not know account t key and system
New 'Hoo

Re: recovery options

Can't open my yahoo mail account
Mail Pro All-Star

Re: recovery options



We take your account's privacy and security very seriously, and we'll only let you reclaim an account if you can prove you're the rightful owner.


When you register for an account, it's up to you to provide the most up-to-date and valid recovery info. Your best option to avoid losing access is to update your recovery info if you get a new phone number or change your alternate email address.


To get in to your account you need to use the sign-in helper found here which will send a code to the recovery phone or email that only you have access to. If you don't have access to recovery you can't recover.


It is an automated system, if you don't have the needed tools no one can help you.


Make a new account and be sure your keep recovery up to date to avoid problems like this in the future.

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New 'Hoo

Re: recovery options

I cannot open my account because I use my cellphone number to register in Philippines and now I'm in Dubai so when I was signing they want a confirmation code.