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We’ve made the difficult decision to discontinue the Yahoo Communities effective Jan 24, 2019.

Be assured you will still be able to find answers to your Yahoo product and app questions on the Yahoo Help website ( In addition, you’ll be able to find the Yahoo Community moderators on Twitter, responding from our many handles including @YahooCare and @YahooFantasyCC.

If you ever need help with your Yahoo accounts, try Yahoo Account Pro for 24/7 live phone support.

Wrong Recovery Email

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Wrong Recovery Email

I'm trying to acess my old Yahoo account, but it says that there has been suspicious activity. Yahoo prompts me to type in the code that was sent to my recovery email. The problem is that the recovery email actually has a typo in it and does not exist. How do I get this straightened out? It seems Yahoo doesn't have an actual way to contact a representative unless you pay for their exclusive service.
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Re: Wrong Recovery Email

Greetings @CodyHemm


If there's something unusual about your sign in or recent activity, you may be asked to go through a second verification step, even after entering the correct password. This may happen whether you have two-step verification enabled or not. We do this to protect accounts from unauthorized access.  Read more about this in the following article.

Account verification prompt at sign-in -

If you currently live in the US then you are in luck as this article shows Yahoo recently started offering a Yahoo Account Pro service that offers phone support for a small fee.   

If this service isn't available where you are or you simply don't want to pay for it you can try what is listed below.

Recovering an account depends on three things:

    When was the last time you signed in
    What account recovery options you had set
    Do you still have access to those account recovery options.

Yahoo requires that you sign into your account at least once every twelve months in order for your account to remain active.  Otherwise your account is deactived due to inactivity.  Once that happens it's unlikely you can recover this account.

The account recovery process for the free Yahoo accounts is completely automated.  That's why it's critical to keep your account recovery information up-to-date.  Yahoo determines you are the rightful owner of the account by sending the account key code message to the verified phone number or email address entered on the Account Security page for this account.  If this information is outdated or otherwise unavailable, was entered incorrectly, or was never set up then it's unlikely you will be able to recover this account.

When you try the Sign-in helper and select the options "I don't have access to this phone" or "I don't have access to this email" what other account recovery options are available?

Your final option would be contacting a Yahoo specialist.

1.    Start here at Help for Yahoo Account -
2.    Scroll down the page until you see a "Contact Us" button.  Click on this.
3.    This opens a Yahoo Help Central Support page.
4.    Under "Tell us your Yahoo email address and product." you select the product you want help with.  In this case it would be "Account".
5.    Enter your email address and check "I'm not a robot".  You may be sent to another CAPTCHA page for additional proof.
6.    Click the "Get started" button.
7.    This opens a page that says “Select from these options”.
8.    The option you are looking for is "Contact a Yahoo specialist".  Please note this option is not available for all issues and in all markets.  If you see this option click on it.
9.    This opens the page “What can we help you with”.  Select the topic that most closely matches your issue.
10.    Next is the page “Tell us more about this issue”.  Select the topic that most closely matches what your issue.
11.    Next is the page “Here’s how to get help” which will show you the contact options available such as chat, email a Yahoo specialist, or Ask the Yahoo community.


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Please note that the classic version of Yahoo Mail will no longer be available after January 30, 2019. At that time, you'll be upgraded to the latest version of Yahoo Mail or basic Mail, depending on your browser's compatibility.
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Re: Wrong Recovery Email


Yahoo requires that you keep the recovery email address and phone number current. There is no automated way around it. It is possible that the paid Yahoo Pro might help but there is no guarantee.

Feel free to reply if my question or answer is not clear. Include @Barkley_Hound in the post.
I do not work for Yahoo and my postings are just my opinion based on experience.