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Need help recovering my email

New 'Hoo

Need help recovering my email

Long and short: I have an old email address that I've had for over a decade. I still had access to it up until somewhere within a few months ago, and I am unsure of what my password is (I can't remember what I changed it to :/). Went through the account recovery process after running the gamut with my usual password options, and was told to send an account recovery key to the recovery email. Okay, sure- but the ticker? The recovery email turned out to be the self-same email account I was trying to access. I can't find any Yahoo support options such as chat or calling in, so I'm here hoping I can get some specialized help from an actual Yahoo employee. I need that email as it houses a lot of valuable account recovery information for a handful of other websites I use, and I really don't want to start from scratch on of the platforms I use.

'Hoo Helper

Re: Need help recovering my email

You need an alternate email address or an active mobile number so you can recover your account.

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Re: Need help recovering my email

Greetings stallionmay


I could tell this must have been an old account as they were the only ones that would let you set your recovery email address to be the same as the email address you are trying to recover.


Yahoo customer service phone number -

Yahoo no longer provides direct support via phone or email address for their free Yahoo accounts.  With over 300 million accounts the account recovery process is now completely automated.  Yahoo determines you are the rightful owner of the account by sending the account key code message to the verified phone number or email address entered on the Account Security page for this account.  If this information is outdated, was entered incorrectly, or was never set up then it's unlikely you will be able to recover this account.

Start by going through the Sign-in helper mentioned in the following article from a laptop or a desktop.   

Problems signing in to your Yahoo account -

When you go through the account recovery process and you see account recovery options that are no longer available you need to choose "I don't have access to this phone" or "I don't have access to this email" to see what other account recovery options are available.  If you get the "Uh oh" message saying the account can't be recovered online you can go through the steps below to see what other account recovery options are available.

    Start here at Help for Yahoo Account -
    Scroll down the page until you see a "Contact Us" button.
    Click on this to open a page that says "Need assistance with a Yahoo product? Let's see how we can help.".
    Under "Tell us your Yahoo email address and product." you select the product you want help with.  In this case it would be "Account".
    Enter your email address and check "I'm not a robot".  You may be sent to another CAPTCHA page for additional proof.
    Click the "Get started" button
    This opens the "CHOOSE SUPPORT OPTION" page.

If you are fortunate you will see the option "Contact a Yahoo specialist".  This will allow you to get live chat support for this issue.  If the chat line is closed you can submit a support ticket by clicking on "Email a Yahoo specialist".  Please note that live chat support is not available for all issues and is not available in all markets.

If you have gotten this far and haven't been able to recover your account then I'm sorry but there are no other account recovery options available.  

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