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We’ve made the difficult decision to discontinue the Yahoo Communities effective Jan 24, 2019.

Be assured you will still be able to find answers to your Yahoo product and app questions on the Yahoo Help website ( In addition, you’ll be able to find the Yahoo Community moderators on Twitter, responding from our many handles including @YahooCare and @YahooFantasyCC.

If you ever need help with your Yahoo accounts, try Yahoo Account Pro for 24/7 live phone support.

Forgot password - recovery information outdate/wrong

'Hoo Recruit

Re: Forgot password - recovery information outdate/wrong

I am beyond frustration with the lack of actual customer support. The website is totally useless for the countless users like me who have had their email accounts hacked. I have had my ATT Yahoo ( linked to account for over 15 years and cannot reset/change my yahoo password to secure my account. It appears that yahoo now is hiding behind their inability to verify credentials of legitimate account holders as the reason they are unwilling or unable to even try and help anyone in my situation. It was sure easy enough for hackers to gain access, I wonder what kind of defences should have been in place or communication could have been made to prevent or mitigate the extent of this huge problem. Please add this comment to the many many that are yossed into the trend bucket. I can only hope that someone in Yahoo management recognizes the outrage and it's moral obligation to do the right thing.

New 'Hoo

Forgot password - email not sent?

Bonsoir y'all,


So, I lost the password to an account I made in like, 2010. We didnt have phone number integration or account security stuff back then, so we only had an email option. Fortunately, I still have access to dat email. The problem is that whenever I send an email to dat account, the email does not show up in my mailbox. So, I still have access to the email, Yahoo! for some reason just isnt sending the change password email.


Mais, any help would be greatly appreciated. 



New 'Hoo

Re: Forgot password - recovery information outdate/wrong

I am getting the message below.  How do I reactivate account?



Welcome Back!

Continue reactivating your account by contacting customer care.

Pro 'Hoo

Re: Forgot password - recovery information outdate/wrong

Oh....just posted something myself...waiting for one of their "Customer Care" people to eyeball our posts on Forum I they can decide if we are asking for more than the "General" help Yahoo users may need/get Fix-it-Yourself information from FAQs and Forum - EXCEPT....there are issues THEY NEED TO ACCESS ON THEIR END TO RESET SOMETHINGS; SO WE CAN COMPLETE RESOLUTIONS OURSELVES, OR HAVE THEM COMPLETE IT ON THEIR END ALL TOGETHER!








Please post if you Ever get anyone to address....awaiting same on mine.


Come on Yahoo!! We actually prefer to use your platform and have use it before...trying to get rid of users?

'Hoo Recruit


Hello,my name is Ionut. Today i tryed to recover my last email Ionutz_pro**Username Removed** but i dnt have anymore acces to phone number or alternative email.... Unfortunatelly phone number expired cuz 1 year ago or more i didnt use it and recover email same i forgot it as i puted my sister email.. SO is there any way i can prove its my email? PLEASE ANSWER ITS IMPORTANT. 

THank you.

New 'Hoo

Signing in with sons email

I made my son an email for (PSN) PlayStation Network a while back I cannot remember the information I used for him. I have bee trying to chat with a yahoo rep or someone to get his information
New 'Hoo

Re: Forgot password - recovery information outdate/wrong

My husband is unable to recover his password, because he most likely has a typo in his security question answer. I cannot find the Yahoo support phone number. How is it possible to resolve this?

'Hoo Recruit


No but really, if i have my own f***ing password and email and I buy a new computer why must I use the recovery email??? I NEVER thought any e-mail service would do something so shortsighted, WHY CANT I LOGIN?!   Is this a new issue? everyone has this problem lol

My recovery email is f*****Username Removed**; how ironic, this is how I am feeling right now. I need information from this to save myself thousands of dollars and this is what I come back to. Guess free service is **bleep**ty.

New 'Hoo

Can't sign in Yahoo Mail


at first sorry for my bad english, I am German and I can't get help at German sites of



Until today I log in yahoo mail with my deskop and must verify it on my iPhone.

But last week I get a new iPhone and the settings were deleted so I must install the yahoo mail app new.


Now I can't verify on my iPhone and I can't sign in with my password on the deskop.

I can't set a new password beacause the Telphonenumber which is saved at yahoo, is my old number and I can't get Sms on this phone.



I hope you understand me. Can someone Help me? It's very important.

'Hoo Recruit

Forgot password, can't acces my phone number

Hello !


I have a problem with one of my yahoo ID's. I have made like ten accounts using the same password, and I really need to log in into one of my accounts but it seems the password doesn't work anymore. I've never change it so I do not know what's happening. All of my accounts are working perfectly except this one. I tried to recover my password but yahoo is asking a code provided by the phone number I used when I created this account. I do not have accest to that phone number anymore. What can I do ???