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Forgot password - recovery information outdate/wrong

'Hoo Recruit

Re: Forgot password - recovery information outdate/wrong

I need to somehow get my password reset for my yahoo and flickr accounts. I have forgotten them and now locked out and the phone number on file for recovery is no longer my number as I had to change phones. My yahoo ID is **Username Removed** My recovery phone number is ***Phone Number Removed***, but obviously I cannot recieve the texts to get the recovery code. My current phone number is ***Phone Number Removed*** if someone can call me PLEASE!!!

'Hoo Recruit

Re: Forgot password - recovery information outdate/wrong

 friend need shelp she need her yahoo account  badly but she can't recover it , can she use her new phone number       in recovering her yahoo account ?

I forgot my yahoo alternate email ID.

Note first that this is an alternate email used for online games. Now, the real problem is: On my main yahoo account, I need to read an important email that was sent there. I know the password, yahoo mail and all, but the sign-in verification is what's keeping me from entering. I forgot the alternate yahoo email that was linked to that account so I can't verify it. Yahoo, can you please remove the sign-in verification on that account? Please email me, and yes. I have tried your sign-in helper. It gave me clues to what that alternate email is, but to no avail.


Sorry for bad english.

'Hoo Recruit

I've forgotten my recovery email and phone number.

Please help me out.

I've had multiple phone numbers and emails all my life and the main email I use is locked somehow and I've had the email for OVER 15 years. The recovery email I used was the email from my old job at ABC and it's terminated + I've forgotten it , and the number isnt even the area code I live in please help. I don't want to delete my old email. Thank you !

'Hoo Recruit

Telephone Number to Verify to Re-Set Password Isn't Mine!!!

My password said it was incorrect when signing into my e-mail account. Thought this was strange because I know its my password. When trying to re-set the passowrd, the recovery telephone number for verification it NOT mine. So of course I do not know the 2 digits to enter. Seems like my account has possibly been hacked and can't figure out what to do.

'Hoo Recruit

Password Reset

I am unable to change the password on one of my yahoo accounts because I no longer have access to the phone number linked to the account and I no longer have access to the email that is linked to the account as well. I want to reset my password so that I can gain access to this email again. What steps can I take to make that happen?
New 'Hoo

My alternate account has been hacked



My primary email address is **Username Removed**


I used to user **Username Removed** as an alternate email address and used it for my default Xbox Live account.


Seems someone else has taken ownership of the account (do not know how) and linked the account to an unknown email address to which i cannot access. I am unable to change the primary email address listed on Xbox Live because I still need to verify it, which sends a verification code to **Username Removed**, to which i do not have access to.


Need help on getting some assistance with regaining access to my email account so I may fix my Xbox Live account as well.





Pro 'Hoo

Re: Password Reset

Please check my thread regarding this Concern About Yahoo Email Security

New 'Hoo

Re: Forgot password - recovery information outdate/wrong

The issue is while settting up my email initially, somehow a wrong word was entered in the front of the email address. I did not use the email for over one month. When I tried today and discovered there was an error in the email address I was not able to reset the email address. The address was already recognized in the system. I wanted to retrieve information from one of my past email messages. How can I reset the email address without the system indicating the email address already exists in the system?

'Hoo Recruit

security question

I forgot my password . I don't have a cell phone I can receve a text on. trying to get my password it said to answer my security question. How do I set up a security question