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We’ve made the difficult decision to discontinue the Yahoo Communities effective Jan 24, 2019.

Be assured you will still be able to find answers to your Yahoo product and app questions on the Yahoo Help website ( In addition, you’ll be able to find the Yahoo Community moderators on Twitter, responding from our many handles including @YahooCare and @YahooFantasyCC.

If you ever need help with your Yahoo accounts, try Yahoo Account Pro for 24/7 live phone support.


Administratin' 'Hoo


Yahoo Communities is an online community where participants may ask and answer questions on a wide range of topics, from the serious to the delightfully trivial. While you're here, it's important to keep in mind that it's a public forum.

Please don't post personal information like passwords, phone numbers, social security numbers or anything related to your finances.

You may have also noticed that email addresses won't post, this is on purpose. When you login here, we (Yahoo staff) can see your email you used to login to this community. No one else can see that information and we don't want them to. Posting your email publicly usually leads to all sorts of spam and gives hackers a target.


Thanks for joining us!

Use the 'accepted solution' button to let everyone know your issue was resolved. Give 'kudos' if you agree with someone's post or appreciate their input. Points are awarded for these actions. Contest are held regularly too! Check out the Announcements board for the latest details.