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Cant reach this page message when logging in

'Hoo Recruit

Cant reach this page message when logging in

Cant reach this page message when logging in

Ive had my rocketmail account now for almost 10 years, I have now been trying to add this account to my new phone and I noticed that its been hassling. it wouldnt allow me to add this account specifically. So I went online and noticed that every time i logged in I got the message saying "Can't reach this page". 


I am literally freaking out here. I need access to my emails urgently, I have been really active with this mailbox so I dont know why its doing this? Please help!

Mail Pro All-star

Re: Cant reach this page message when logging in

Hello @01shauna01


In 2013 Roketmail was phased out and no longer available, but it you were signed in to yours at least once every 12 months it still exists for you.  If you were not signed in for 12 months it was considered abandoned and removed, and can not be recovered.


If you were recently in, do this.  

Sign in with a Ymail or Rocketmail account


When you sign in with a Ymail or Rocketmail account, you'll need to use the entire email address for the username, not just the part before the @ symbol.


If your ID is johnsmith75, sign in with “” or “”.

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'Hoo Recruit

Re: Cant reach this page message when logging in

Hi @okietom

I recently logged into the account and was able to access my emails.


In fact I used it quite regularly. I am concerned that I cannot access it now.


I have tried using the full email address.


Any other ideas please?