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We’ve made the difficult decision to discontinue the Yahoo Communities effective Jan 24, 2019.

Be assured you will still be able to find answers to your Yahoo product and app questions on the Yahoo Help website ( In addition, you’ll be able to find the Yahoo Community moderators on Twitter, responding from our many handles including @YahooCare and @YahooFantasyCC.

If you ever need help with your Yahoo accounts, try Yahoo Account Pro for 24/7 live phone support.

Yahoo News stories "my comments".

New 'Hoo

Re: Yahoo News stories "my comments".

And then there are those like you who are so inefficient with their understanding of the language that they use a whole bunch of words in an effort to be clever, when all they needed to say was "I am an ignorant ***bleep***." However, I am confident that intelligent people are able to glean your intended message from the mountainous drivel that resulted from 1) your primitive ability to bang on a plastic board, and 2) overcoming the extreme unlikelihood that you might spell actual words.

New 'Hoo

Re: Yahoo News stories "my comments".

Yahoo sports app
In my opion the best and easist app I have ever used !
Who ever came up with it should be made president of Yahoo
Thanks yahoo I love it !