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Fake Microsoft Security Alerts pop ups

New 'Hoo

Re: Fake Microsoft Security Alerts pop ups.

I, too, frequently receive Fake Microsoft Security Alerts pop ups on YAHOO NEWS.  I never see these popups on other sites and have to believe that this is a problem specific to YAHOO. YAHOO, please look at all the other users who have reported this same complaint and then try to solve the problem on YOUR end before telling us to solve this problem on OUR computers. Thank you  

Pro 'Hoo

Re: Fake Microsoft Security Alerts pop ups

Why is this marked "Solved"??? These security warnings shut people down -- they're incredibly disruptive -- you have to crash Chrome to get out of it. In the middle of something on Yahoo Mail or trying to read a news story on Yahoo -- hope you saved, because you're starting over. Once or twice a day most days. This ONLY happens on Yahoo! Makes me think Yahoo doesn't care about security. Why on earth would I make that my go to news source?!

"Solved"??? Seriously? "Never happens to me, must not be a real issue." Thanks bunches.

I think the only guaranteed solution would be to switch to gmail for email and pretty much any other news page and never go to Yahoo ever again. 


Mail Pro All-star

Re: Fake Microsoft Security Alerts pop ups

Greetings @wolfSHR


Once you've made your new Gmail account and have transferred what you want to keep then you can make the clean break from Yahoo by closing your account.  Here's how.


Closing your Yahoo! account -


Please enjoy your new Gmail account and take comfort in the fact that you never have to visit Yahoo ever again.


Have a good day.

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New 'Hoo

Re: Fake Microsoft Security Alerts pop ups

Solved? LOL, this seems like a Yahoo problem. The site is infected and because Verizon owns them now, they're too lazy to fix it.  I doubt anyone has a virus on their computer.  I used 3 different computers to go to Yahoo Sports and got popups on all 3.

Established 'Hoo

Re: Fake Microsoft Security Alerts pop ups

brand new win10 install .. added firefox... added "new tab" yahoo add-in (to avoid annoying bubble win on on first load of search... a nasty, no-close, "don
't reboot", browser warning.... closed firefox via taskman and quickly uninstalled that add-on, and changed my startpage to since rss feeds are once again working. so far, no more drama.
New 'Hoo

Re: Fake Microsoft Security Alerts pop ups

The popups and redirects are coming from ads with active content that Yahoo is allowing to post on their news pages. There is no way to avoid these ads unless you dial up your security settings in your browser to an almost unusable level. The intermittency of these issues is due to the intelligence in the hostile code embedded in the ad. For starters, the ads are targeted and use your browsing, search, and online ordering history to tailor content to your habits, so some people will be prone to get certain ads over others. This is why when you have visited certain sites, all of a sudden all the ads pepper you with offers on those products or services. So some people's browsing habits will trigger those ads, while others will not. Yahoo needs to do a better job of filtering their advertisers' content. That is the real issue here, and until Yahoo does this, the problems will remain. This issue should not be marked resolved as it is not resolved. Yahoo is not alone in this problem, but it has been a more recent issue, and it is almost as bad as facebook articles now.

New 'Hoo

Re: Fake Microsoft Security Alerts pop ups

This happens to me too, on three different PCs. 

New 'Hoo

Re: Fake Microsoft Security Alerts pop ups

This issue is not solved as far as this post is concerned.  Clearly yahoo has an issue with the ads it is serving up using javascript.  They need to address.

New 'Hoo

Re: Fake Microsoft Security Alerts pop ups

Still happening today ***Phone Number Removed - Learn more.*** Alert Messages and iFRAMES HTML totally controlled by advertiser of Fake Message. I read YAHOO Support, has had contact with GOOGLE Support staff, and acknowledged the traffice is originating in the GOOGLE Server environment. However, the advertiser is still with GOOGLE, and allowed to send their message to YAHOO NEWS Feed, customers. YAHOO has secure HTTPS but when you click follow up link to a news story you've been reading. WHAM! The ad in all its glory screams any number of violations allegedly committed by your browsing habits. NBC Nightly NEWS, did a hit piece on this web advetiser and its worth searchign on YOUTUBE, get emowered and watch this video about this Fake Message, and you'll see for yourself thier is nothing wrong with your computer or yourself. As the NEWS people at NBC unhiunge the ad vendors trying to sell fake services.

'Hoo Recruit

Re: Fake Microsoft Security Alerts pop ups

Same crap here..  Seems like about once or twice a week the news article page will randomly get redirected to some phishing page.  Sometimes it happens soon after i open it and sometimes it happens while it's open in another tab.  It's ridiculous. 


I used to use Yahoo alot more often but not so much anymore.  Having this crap happen again today just reinforces that.   Privacy has gone out the window since they've been bought by Verizon.  I'm not sure about having my information available to 3rd parties, especially if they can't vet their own advertisers..