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Fake Microsoft Security Alerts pop ups

'Hoo Recruit

Re: Fake Microsoft Security Alerts pop ups

Somehow all the information that I wanted to provide didn't make it in my last post. Hopefully this list of suspicision sites will show up in this post.


The fake security pop-up via the Yahoo News Feed started happening a couple of days ago.  Happened when I started scrolling down the news feed.

I immediately exited and ran a scan.  No issues found.  

I rebooted and went to Yahoo News Feed again, the redirect happened again. :-(

In the history, I saw the following suspicious sites after the redirect happened: (a bunch of numbers)


I was using a PC first with Windows 10 Edge and then Firefox with ad blocking while using Yahoo News Feed and the redirect still happened. 


Very sad that this is happening.  I like my Yahoo News Feed. 


Any ideas on how to clear this issue up?

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Pro 'Hoo

Re: Fake Microsoft Security Alerts pop ups

Happens to me all the time. It's those crappy ads that Yahoo allows onto their web page(s).

Pro 'Hoo

Re: Fake Microsoft Security Alerts pop ups


The same happens to me almost whenever I use or have Yahoo open. I have run countless scans -- dumped cookies, browsing history and other stored caches and yet it still happens ONLY when Yahoo is open. As a precaution I stopped using the PC (Windows 7/Chrome Browser) for banking and started using my laptop for that BUT.... I had opened Yahoo on the laptop and there is was.  So Not Solved..... Yahoo Please help.

New 'Hoo

Re: Fake Microsoft Security Alerts pop ups

this is still not solved. it is not on the users end. same as the rest of you, reading yahoo news and redirected to scam. i wonder how many poor folks have spent the money to "fix" the problem that yahoo is letting slide by.


YAHOO SECURITY TEAM! this issue is NOT SOLVED and needs , at least,  adressed.

'Hoo Recruit

Re: Fake Microsoft Security Alerts pop ups

I got pop-up from *Link Removed - See the community guidelines for more information.* in yahoo site. yahoo does not filter their ads. The malicious ads uses hole in chrome to pop-up message occasionally . Firefox does not have same issue.. of cause I scan my phone with multiple anti-virus tools and none of detect issue
'Hoo Recruit

Re: Fake Microsoft Security Alerts pop ups

I've seen the same thing too on multiple computers and browsers.  Most of the time I've seen it when users are just idle on any of Yahoo!'s sites and all of a sudden it'll pop up with a security alert.  I haven't had a chance to better document this, but when I get a chance I'll do so and document it here.

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New 'Hoo

Re: Fake Microsoft Security Alerts pop ups

Same thing just happened to me, had to force close chrome.  Run a ZA firewall and virus scan, rescanned after pop-up, no infections.  It's on Yahoo!'s ad side. 

Re: Fake Microsoft Security Alerts pop ups

Joining in because the problem is definitely not solved. This same problem has been happening to me on different PCs for a couple of months. Nothing works and nothing has changed. About to abandon my yahoo email entirely and switch to google because I can barely check my email anymore. Any solutions, yahoo?
Anonymous User
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Re: Fake Microsoft Security Alerts pop ups

Not sure why this is marked solved. Not solved. Happens alot and specifically when in Yahoo mail. I can have several windows open in browsers and the one that was originally in Yahoo Mail is the ONLY one that just jumps on its own to that security alert. 

Mail Pro All-star

Re: Fake Microsoft Security Alerts pop ups

Greetings @Anonymous User


This is most likely the result of java-infected ads being served to Yahoo.  You can read more about this by doing a search on "java-infected ads".  The only solution is prevention so you can make sure to use only Firefox, Chrome, or Safari as they are the only browsers that Yahoo supports.  Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge are not supported.


Supported Web browsers -


I prefer using Firefox myself because you can use the feature in Firefox to report these pop-ups so they can be investigated.  To prevent these popups some people have installed the adblocker AdBlock Plus, while others like myself have installed the ad blocker uBlock Origin.  After I did this no more popups. 


Others have went into their browser settings and disabled Javascript so that the infected ads can't run on their browsers while others said they opened a private browser window before visiting the Yahoo website.


Give these options a try.

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