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problems adding yahoo account to new laptop

New 'Hoo

problems adding yahoo account to new laptop

I am going absolutely DEMENTED trying to figure out why why why I cannot add my yahoomail account as a new account on my Macbook.


I have done this sort of thing before on various computers over the years with no problems but for some reason Yahoo will not let me add my Yahoomail account


It says it cannot verify my username or password but I have changed my password today to make sure I am using the correct password (in case I was remembering the old one incorrectly)


I am using the correct email too.


But it just won't accept it. I have no idea where to get help, it seems IMPOSSIBLE to get someone to talk to at Yahoo to help me figure this out. Does anyone have any ideas PLEASE??????

Mail Pro All-star

Re: problems adding yahoo account to new laptop

Greetings LynneSouth


I would start here with Macbook support.

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