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Questionable Yahoo Reminders - WITH Y symbol

New 'Hoo

Questionable Yahoo Reminders - WITH Y symbol

I am getting strange Yahoo Reminders from <**Username Protected**> with the Y-Blue symbol. They are selling 'cannibus products, dating services' and other such stuff that I have NO INTEREST IN. My account is a premium Yahoo account that I should not be getting any commercial ads. 


Should I just SPAM these or if I do - will I lose my YAHOO contact if they really are a part of Yahoo? How do I get rid of this stuff. It is really annoying.

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Official 'Hoo Staff

Re: Questionable Yahoo Reminders - WITH Y symbol

Here's how to identify legitimate Yahoo communications. A "Premium account" won't stop spam emails, just no ads in the account. Yes you can mark them as Spam or create filters to route those emails into the Trash folder or another folder of your choice.

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