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Cannot edit profile details - DNS Error

'Hoo Recruit

Cannot edit profile details - DNS Error

I have seen this problem brought up several times (from months ago) and the response has been that tech support is aware and is working on the problem.


When might this be resolved? I need to edit my profile picture, my city and possibly other pieces of information that I cannot get to.


This has been going on for months now.


This site can’t be reached’s server DNS address could not be found.




Moderatin' 'Hoo

Re: Cannot edit profile details - DNS Error



First, what you are describing could be web browser related.


Please try again using a different browser. I have provided a link to a list of browsers that Yahoo supports.


Supported Web Browsers:


If this does not remedy the problem there are no further options to troubleshoot this.

Next, be aware that it is not currently possible to change the account profile picture or Full name.

We do not have an ETA on the fix and apologize for the inconvenience.

However, it is possible to edit the account Nickname.

Lastly, once an account has been created the gender or date of birth cannot be changed.

Hope this was helpful.

'Hoo Recruit

Re: Cannot edit profile details - DNS Error

The link you sent to supported browsers goes to a page that doesn't exist which then re-directs to another page which is blank.


I am using IE 11 and Chrome. 


I just can;t believe that there is no ETA for a fix for profile settings especially with internet security.  Is it even in a planning stage or should I check with AT&T for other e-mail options?

Moderatin' 'Hoo

Re: Cannot edit profile details - DNS Error



I tested that link and it does indeed work.


Please try using a different browser.   Firefox and Opera are both good web browsers.



'Hoo Recruit

Re: Cannot edit profile details - DNS Error

Thank you  - yes the link is working and I do use current Chrome, Firefox and IE.  Same results with my profile.



Moderatin' 'Hoo

Re: Cannot edit profile details - DNS Error




It appears that you are using a merged AT&T/Yahoo account. AT&T manages your password and profile settings.


You might want to try going directly to AT&T's website and finding your profile information there.


Due to contractual agreements with AT&T, we can't help you further with this type of account.

Contact AT&T support

Call them directly - 1-800-288-2020
Go to their help site -


When speaking with AT&T, please reference your SBC Global email address and DO NOT MENTION YAHOO IN ANY WAY. 


Hopefully this was helpful.